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Zoe Ramos

Zoe Ramos is a poet and Engl graduate student at TAMUCC. As an interdisciplinary researcher, they use poetry as a means of exploring questions regarding reality and philosophy. Their work often relates to contemporary physics, religion, loneliness, and the human mind’s apparent subservience to language. They value the fluidity of genre and also make visual/ handwritten poetry and practice spoken word. In using poetry as both a personal and public analysis, their hope is to bring greater status to poetry as a form of research, and also to encourage all people to engage with “scientific” and existential questions. Their corollary approach to creative writing admits- it may be that divisions such as “science” and “art” are superficial & in order to address some of nature’s biggest questions, these boundaries must be mentally subverted. They are the Senior Editor of the local national journal, Windward Review(windward-review.com). Find them IG @TheBookofZER

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